[scribus] I'm trying to make a bilingual dictionary - [was: Making a catalog

Dale Erwin dale at casaerwin.org
Sat May 18 20:48:04 UTC 2013

This will be my first experience with Scribus, and I don't know what 
linked text frames are.  But I do know that there will be no images, no 
photos, just text... with the possible exception of the cover.  Isn't 
the cover usually a separate document?

That reminds me, I did use Scribus once before a couple of years ago to 
make a cover for my last book.

And that reminds me of another question I need to ask:  I used Lulu 
Press for my last book, and they required that all PDF files have all 
fonts embedded in them.  My first set was refused because of that.  I 
have some software called PDF Creator that will concatenate PDF files 
together, but it doesn't seem to do the font embedding required by 
Lulu.  OpenOffice will do the embedding but it doesn't do the 
concatenations.  Is there any open source PDF software that will do what 
I need?

I can also get the entire document in one file with OO (eliminating the 
need for concatenations) but I can't get a header that will change on 
every page.  I could use the first regular text line for that header, 
but then, if I ever have to insert a new word, the entire chapter has to 
be manually reformatted from that point on.  That's why I was hoping to 
be able to use Scribus.

Dale Erwin
Jr. 28 de Julio 657, Depto. 03
Magdalena del Mar, Lima 17 PERU

On 5/18/2013 3:09 AM, JLuc wrote:
> Le 18/05/2013 01:27, John Jason Jordan a écrit :
>> As for page numbers, once you know how many pages the first document is
>> you can set the second document to start numbering at the next number.
>> You don't have to start numbering each document at 1.
> Its a property to be set for each document
> so you can set it at the last moment, before creating the PDF,
> when edit is finished, text and layout is ready, and page number are 
> known
> for sure since all previous pages documents wont change their layout.
> As for the max page number for a document, it's more between 20 and 50 
> in my case,
> probably because i use linked text frames.
> It depends much on whether you use long series of linked text frames,
> which might be your case for a dictionnary.
> It also somehow depends on whether you use lots of images or not.
> Anyway you can split a document in 2 parts at any time,
> between 2 not chained series of linked text frames
> in case you want your doc to be more fit and slim.
> JLuc
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