[scribus] I'm trying to make a bilingual dictionary - [was: Making a catalog

Dale Erwin dale at casaerwin.org
Fri May 17 22:04:19 UTC 2013

I've been following this forum for some time expecting that one I have 
finished the text preparation in Apache Open Office Writer, I would be 
able to use Scribus for the page layout since I need some things not 
available in OO, primarily a header that changes with each page showing 
the first entry one left pages and the last entry on right pages.

Unfortunately, after reading the tutorial mentioned in this post, I see 
that Scribus can't handle documents of more than 100 pages. Mine is 
currently at over 500 and will probably end up somewhere around 550.  
The suggested workaround is making many sections of smaller pieces and 
then concatenating the PDF files into the complete document.  This makes 
me wonder how page numbering would be affected by such a process.

Dale Erwin
Jr. 28 de Julio 657, Depto. 03
Magdalena del Mar, Lima 17 PERU

On 5/17/2013 11:58 AM, john Culleton wrote:
> On Fri, 17 May 2013 11:53:50 +0200
> Ruben van Rooijen <rubenbolcom at hotmail.nl> wrote:
>> Dear reader,
>> I got the task at work to make a catalog of flower bulbs.
>> I downloaded Scribus but I can't find anything about making a
>> catalog.. Can someone please explain to me how I can make a catalog
>> with Scribus? With kind regards,
>> Ruben van Rooijen. 		 	   		
> There are examples of various kinds (and of various degrees of antiquity)
> when you click on "file-->new from template". browse those until you
> find one similar to your needs.

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