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Manuel Schmalstieg webdev at ms-studio.net
Fri May 10 07:19:01 UTC 2013

A few interesting questions are raised in this article by Konstantin
Dmitriev, regarding his experience at LGM 2013 as member of the  Synfig
(animation software) team:

In short:
How can a professional graphic design person (the "end-user") who want to
jump ship into FLOSS territory contribute to the software?

In the case of Synfig, Konstantin notes that:

"at the current status Synfig isn’t ready to receive a support nor from
[anyone]. The situation is that Synfig doesn’t have a resource gap to put
the money into, which will guarantee the result as feedback, clearly
observed as benefit for the sponsor."

He then describes two possible steps to improve that:

1. "We need to bring Synfig development from random/freetime contributions
to the status of planned and regular process. (...). This is impossible
without establishing full-time employment for major Synfig contributors.
And I feel the situation  gets ready for that."

2. "The critic about Synfig’s complexity couldn’t be ignored. (...) Now we
need to deliver this knowledge, those workflows to the audience. (...) I
think we have to bring this content to the next level by following Krita &
Blender steps – releasing training DVDs."

What do you think, what's the situation of Scribus in that regard to those

And about the "perception" issue that John describes, what action steps can
be taken to improve it (other than "spending a fortune on advertising")?
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