[scribus] Did the Scribus team post an [LGM] report?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jun 5 15:36:10 UTC 2013

salut jean-luc
> Le 05/06/2013 16:20, a.l.e a écrit :
>> On 6/3/13 3:41 PM, ale rimoldi wrote:
>>>>> we will have a meeting shortly to discuss the plans.
>>>> did the meeting take place? what are the plans?
>>> i didn't get any answer from the team, concerning the plans for a
>>> release during fall and the other proposals that have been made in
>>> madrid.
>> there was an indirect answer on irc:
>> 15:36 < christoph_s> and btw, the current (but still tentative) plan 
>> is to get 1.5.0 out in  September or October and
>> then fine-tune everything for a stable 1.6.0 release in January 2014
>> so, they still seem to be trying to define a plan...
>> but they may be getting there in a foreseeable future...
> Well you know how it is ale.
> Everybody does what he can so as to get things done,
> but eveybody only has some spare time dedicated to this.
> You write "they" but why this distance ?

yes, this "they" feels strange, i agree.

but as i perceive it,  "they" said that "they" would have a meeting 
between "them" and decide about it.

i haven't seen any public discussion about releasing 1.5.0 in october 
and 1.6 in january. any discussion about what are the goals for those 
two releases.
the discussion has probably taken place in the closed team mailing list 
or irc channel.

personally, i don't like this "they" at all, but i fear that it's 
something i have to cope with.

> Look at your will to create a headless scribus

i have said that i'm interested in it, that it would be something very 
important for scribus and that i would help people to create it.

but i also think that i've clearly stated that it does not really make 
sense to start working on it before 1.6 is out. first, other issues have 
to be solved.

big changes are probably needed for an headless scribus, and i don't 
think it's a good idea to start the work on it towards the end of a 
release cycle.

> or more recently your work with epub export :
> it takes time to get things done, more time than one has sometime.

yep, it takes time to get things done.

i'm not the best person to meet deadlines, that's not a secret (at least 
not to me).

but i can ensure you, that it's even harder for me to get motivated to 
work on a (hobby) project, when the situation is so unclear as it is now.

all in all, i think that you didn't miss my email, where i wrote that i 
would stop the work i was doing for scribus for the next few months... 
(and that i still planned to meet the 1.6 deadline for the epub plugin).

all in all, i wanted to give a new contribution to scribus by organizing 
a bug hunting weekend and helping preparing the next stable release, but 
the response from the team has not really been enthusiastic.
who, knows, if the release of 1.6 will indeed be in planned in january 
2014, i might propose a new sprint for october or november...

> Not having an precise deadline might be the best way not to miss a 
> deadline.

and at the same time it's the best way to never meet the deadline...

> Important things is to have nice things done in the end,
> the sooner the better, for sure, but having them done with quality and 
> no bugs is probably even better !

quality and no bugs is for sure a good thing!
but there probably should be a better balance with the actual availability.

it's ready when it's ready can be a very realistic answer, and can be a 
good way to avoid bad things. but it can also be an answer that is very 
deceiving and that makes you miss lot of opportunities.

have a nice evening!

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