[scribus] glyph rendering question

Steve Wright stevew at etmeli.us
Wed Jan 30 03:09:30 UTC 2013

I'm having trouble getting two characters to render (using Helvetica of all
fonts) using Scribus 1.4.1 under Windows 7.  One is the "heart shape"
character - ♥ -, which I can use an image for if I have to.  The other is a
big surprise, though.  I cannot get the Č (needed for Karel Čapek, creator
of the word *robot*) to work, and I know that Scribus is used in countries
where that character pops up all the time.

Anyone give me any troubleshooting pointers?  I already checked that the
fonts were set for "subset", based on something in the wiki about Asian

Thanks for any help!


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