[scribus] thanks for help; minor annoyance in list mails.

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sat Jan 26 22:26:29 UTC 2013

Le 26/01/2013 21:45, Jerry Halberstadt a écrit :
> Minor annoyance: In the posts from lists.scribus.net the top part contains basic information on the list, followed by
> the list of contents. For me, it would be nicer if the top showed the list of contents so I could decide to read/delete
> without having to scroll down. As they say, not a biggie, but...  :-)

You might be interested in accessing this list through a newsreader
instead of a mail reader
(thunderbird includes this features, along with the ability to subscribe to rss,
probably outlook opera and other mail reader do it too).

The list is mirrored through news://news.gmane.org:119/gmane.comp.graphics.scribus
and its possible to post on it too via this.
Its convenient, it doesnt need to be cleaned, it's just waiting for you to read or not.
And the data about the list appears down at the end of the mail !


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