[scribus] Problem when saving Scribus document in the 2nd window

Doug Steele doug at dougsteele.org
Thu Jan 17 02:21:56 UTC 2013

I am running Windows 7 with a second monitor oriented to the left of 
monitor 1 and running Scribus 1.4.1.  Scribus has a problem when 
opening a document that was in the second monitor when closing 
Scribus.  When that document is opened the next time, the document in 
not visible in either monitor. I have to have Windows change the 
location of monitor 2 from left to the right of monitor 1, move the 
Scribus document to monitor 1, and reset monitor 2 back to being left 
of monitor 1.

I think one of two things need to be fixed.  Scribus needs to 
reappear in the extended desktop in the correct location re monitor 1 
or, preferably, always initially display documents in monitor 
1.  Always appearing in monitor 1 is important when I take my laptop 
to the field without monitor 2.


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