[scribus] 1.4.2 and Fedora 18

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Feb 22 07:13:24 UTC 2013

hi greg,

> I notice that Fedora has decided to not even distribute the docs for 
> 1.4.2 -- due to it not being freely distibutable.
> I guess they're entitled to their point-of-view, but I don't 
> understand why they can't make it available on rpmfusion, free or 
> nonfree.

i guess you're entitled to your point of view, but i don't understand 
why scribus can't provide an official documentation that is at least as 
free as the program itself...

why can't you provide a nonfree documentation for a fee and a free one 
for free (but, then, really free?)


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