[scribus] Where Did My Text Go?

bobparham at comcast.net bobparham at comcast.net
Mon Feb 18 20:05:20 UTC 2013

I just had something happen to me that I have never encountered before.

I am using Scribus 1.4.0in writing a book. I had just completed twelve 
pages in a chapter and was in the process of adding some illustrations. 
I had just started doing some editing on the first page by bringing up 
properties. I made one change in the text box and instantly all my text 
in all twelvepages simply disappeared leaving the blank pages on the 
screen. I have been unable to find the lost pages anywhere. I went to 
Macrium Reflect Free to find a three day old backup on an external hard 
drive. When I restored the file the text was still missing. I have 
Windows 7. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this weird 
behavior? Any ideas on finding missing text?

Bob P

*Bob Parham*

*People may forget what you did and people may forget what you said but
people will never forget how you made them feel.**



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