[scribus] [OT] True CMYK printers for Linux

Patrick Noffke patrick.noffke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 21:09:11 UTC 2013

This is mostly off-topic, but I was hoping some of the color management
pros using Scribus would have come across this.

I'm looking for a color laser printer that allows me to use it like a true
CMYK device.  My cheap inkjet printers show up as RGB colorspace when I do:

$ colormgr get-devices

So those printers must have their own profiles built-in, and convert from
RGB to CMYK internally.

I want to profile my own printer, and when I print test charts and make a
PDF with a 100% cyan, I only want to see cyan ink on the page.

Does anyone know of Linux-friendly printers that can do this?

I always thought Brother models were pretty good with Linux, but I'm not
sure about this.

If there's a better place to ask, could you please refer me?

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