[scribus] Position objects with the mouse in steps smaller than 1pt

Andreas Winkler and.win82 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 14:28:32 UTC 2013

Thanks for your answer, Greg! I'm not sure which setting you mean for
the scrollwheel.
I think that this issue is not due to screen limitations. On the
contrary, when zooming in, the fixed step size of 1pt when dragging
with the mouse becomes more obvious.
I'm aware of the shortcuts with the arrow keys. However, the main
problem is that with the 1pt limitation it is not possible to properly
adjust objects to guides when dragging them with the mouse. I consider
this to be a severe limitation of workflow.
There is also a corresponding disussion on the forum:
which suggests that this problem appears also on Mac OS X.

Best regards

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 3:10 PM, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:
> There is a setting in Preferences for the scrollwheel, but I'm not sure you are considering the screen limitations of trying to drag with the mouse. I haven't tried it, but maybe zooming in might allow for smaller movements.
> If you want to do tiny adjustments, try holding down Shift and using the spinboxes to adjust by 0.1pt, which work either with the scrollwheel or by clicking the arrows at the edge of the spinbox. Also, arrow keys work with holding down Shift. If you hold Shift-Alt, you should be able to adjust by 0.01pt.
> Greg
> Andreas Winkler <and.win82 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I'm using Scribus 1.4.3 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. I've noticed
>>that objects can be moved using the mouse (drag & drop) only in steps
>>of 1pt, but not in finer steps. So it is not possible to position
>>objects exactly when using the mouse. Moreover, objects wont snap to
>>guides when the distance between the object and the guide was not an
>>integer multiple of 1pt before. This can be reproduced by the
>>following steps:
>>1) Activate snapping to guides and create a vertical guide at a
>>position of 99,5pt.
>>2) Create an empty text frame at poistion (0/0)
>>3) It is not possible to position the text frame at X=99,5 when using
>>the mouse to drag & drop.
>>Is there a setting I'm missing to fix this?
>>Best regards
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