[scribus] collecting for output

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Tue Dec 10 20:48:15 UTC 2013

On 10/12/2013 9:35 pm, Mark Heieis wrote:
> Hi
> I just repeated a simple test.
> 1) set my umask to 0002
> 2) created a 1 page doc
> 3) added single, existing jpg image from ~/sub-directory that had 664
> 4) saved document to home (~) directory.
> resultant sla got 664, as expected.
> 5) collected4 output to home (~) and shared subdirectories, both had 775 plus g+s for shared one.
> The result in both cases the collected document had 664 (as expected), the "images" directory
> created by Scribus had 775 (as expected) but the image file had 600 (not as expected)! At least for
> the home dir, all file permissions should be set to according to umask.
> *** So something is not respecting the umask conditions. So I don't see this as a conflict in
> choosing which file permission settings to use for security purposes, especially when saving within
> user home context.
> I'm wondering whether it is something that happens (overriding?) or not happening (being set?)
> within QFileInfo as I can't see any explicit setting of the umask/permissions in the src (could have
> missed it though).
> BTW - tested with 1.5.0svn
> mrh.

util_file.cpp has copyFileAtomic() which uses QTemporaryFile to copy the file into, then rename it.
There's no permissions being set or removed on purpose, which may be they should be (at least imo to
be the same as the original source file). The reason the sla is different is that its just being
resaved into the new location.


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