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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Dec 10 14:28:31 UTC 2013

Dear Greg,

you got a point, especially since you are an advanced user, and if you
teamwork, I guess all your peers are also very competent people.

We are doing it in a way where each user only works on copies, that
travel around by being copied by the next user. I do not claim that it
is the best way, nor the most efficient. I could recommend this to other
users, but only if their context is somewhat similar (and only once the
c-f-o issue has been corrected or documented).

But it works very well for us and is almost like this modern way of
doing backup, where you automatically keep all previous versions and
call it something fancy like time machine. Lets call ours safe
team-working. (And we will do a spring-cleaning every so often.)

And yes, you are right in the sense that if I (just one user) work an
entire day on a complex article, I might do collecting-for-output
several times throughout the day. What Scribus-magic does, is of course
to only add fresh .sla files to that infamous folder. And it will only
copy new photos if I have added any to my document since the last c-f-o.

I would not create a fresh folder each time I do c-f-o, while "I am it",
i.e. while I am the holder of the latest active copy. Only the next user
who takes over the magazine will create a fresh copy for his /home.

Hope this helps. Would be sad, if people are trying to help us, while
other members think we are doing nonsense.

I love this list and with my previous post I tried to indicate that we
are satisfied for the moment, we have received great help and I do not
want to "clog" this list. Over-and-out...


On 10.12.2013 14:44, Gregory Pittman wrote:

> I'm not sure if I understand everything in this lengthy thread, but one
> thing that doesn't  make sense from an operational point of view is to
> be repeatedly rewriting image files. These should be static files that
> don't need to be rewritten each time you save a work in progress.
> Perhaps just updating the SLA file is all that needs to be done with
> most edits.
> Greg
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