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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Dec 10 11:16:18 UTC 2013

Hello JLuc and all,

yes, that report would tell the developers what to look for.

Depending on system and user, and their umask, the output-folder might
just have drwxr-xr-w or even drwxr--r-- but even respecting that, would
allow the Scribus-output to be used in a team setting workflow.

The way I understand it, any user would normally first create some
(empty) folder of choice in location of choice. And then instruct
Scribus to dump there. And user knows best, so keeping the folder
rights, whatever they are, would be the ideal collecting-for-output
configuration in Scribus.

If this gets filed as a bugreport, I will be available for more
explanation, if this long thread does not do the trick. I just cannot
(yet) compile from source, I tried but our internet just does not have
the Schwuppdizität needed.



On 10.12.2013 09:18, JLuc wrote:
>>>> Mark's proposal is brilliant, but it must fail because Scribus sets the
>>>> picture and font files to 600. That way, these files only belong to the
>>>> user, not to the group.
>>> Why is that important?  Shouldn't Scribus follow standard Linux practice
>>> by setting the permissions to the same as the directory they're in?
>> I would say yes, but it doesn't, and Martin needs quick help.
> Lets hope Martin will find its way.
> As for the scribus itself, would that bugreport describe well the issue :
> <report>
> When "collecting for output", the images, fonts and profiles are stored
> each in a dedicated folder, but these file are created with -rw-------
> rights, instead of having the same rights as the containing folder
> (drwxrwxr-x).
> This prevent other users to work on the same document.   
> Tested on 1.4 AND 1.5
> </report>
> (i checked it also happens on 1.5)
> JLuc
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