[scribus] collecting for output

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Tue Dec 10 09:43:30 UTC 2013

Arrgh - sorry folks for bothering you with this, OF COURSE it didn't run 
like this: "PATH" is already reserved, and if we change this, Scribus 
will start as expected.



#first step: starting Scribus as usual


#second step: chmod the files

if [ -d $SORTIE ]
      chmod 655 $SORTIE/*

Am 10.12.2013 10:22, schrieb Rolf-Werner Eilert:
> Now I had some minutes to make a test script, but there is this little
> glitch:
> When I start Scribus by the script, it doesn't find Ghostscript anymore.
> No idea why.
> On my sytem Scribus is in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib. When I'm on
> the console, a simple "scribus" is enough. The icon I made for it has
> only "scribus %f" as well.
> But in the script, I have to give the whole path to the binary. Maybe I
> have to import the user's PATH variable from the console, but I don't
> know how. Can someone help here?
> So, this is what I've got so far:
> #!/bin/bash
> PATH="~/pour_la_sortie"
> #first step: starting Scribus as usual
> /usr/local/bin/scribus
> #second step: chmod the files
> if [ -d $PATH ]
> then
>      chmod 655 $PATH/*
> fi
> Regards
> Rolf
> Am 09.12.2013 19:04, schrieb ZASKE Martin:
>> Dear Rolf, thanks for offering help with a script,
>> "the show must go on", so (although I hardly ever do this) I grabbed my
>> Kofler last week and I wrote this script:
>> ____liberer____il_faut_me_double-cliquer_avant_de_partir
>> (that is the file name, which makes it always stay on top of the folder
>> and it tries to tell my team to click the beast.
>> quote
>> #!/bin/bash
>> chmod g+r *.*
>> chmod o+r *.*
>> echo -e "\a"  #beep
>> echo "Merci, toutes les fichiers sont liberé maintenant."
>> endquote
>> This script itself is executable (of course) and it has got
>> special-rights, so the entire team can execute it. It always travels
>> with the collected-for-output folder, by being copied. It seems to work.
>> There are several problems still:
>> The team has to remember to double-click it from the explorer. But once
>> finished their work, there might be a power cut or they are tired. It
>> would be more natural to call a script, if you want to start your own
>> work. But rights cannot be taken, they need to be given.  :)
>> Also the beep does not work on this machine. Maybe I got the syntax
>> wrong. It would be much better if the user at least had a confirmation
>> that the script has done something. And even better, if a
>> thank-you-message would come up. But the echo-message only comes up,
>> when the script is called from a terminal (which is not the right
>> context for my young African trainees).
>> So Rolf, have a look and make it better, if you want, please. (People
>> are calling it from Dolphin explorer.) Or somebody maybe have an idea
>> how the system itself could trigger the script in the context of the
>> user logging out or the machine shutting down. Remember, there are
>> always several copies of that output-folder on the machine, one in each
>> users /home as each user is pulling his own fresh copy when he/she is
>> starting a working-session.
>> It is getting late and I still need to sprinkle a few dozen ant-drawings
>> and centipedes all over a certain page... (children's activity page)
>> thanks,
>> Martin
>> On 09.12.2013 17:58, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
>>> Dear Martin,
>>> I guess they are reading this mailing list and will answer you
>>> appropriately.
>>> My C++ knowledge is not that good. I browsed the source (it's
>>> scribus/collect4output.cpp), but I couldn't make out where the
>>> appropriate place for that would be. So it will be better to let the
>>> developers do that ;)
>>> But what do you think about a small script which would be called by the
>>> person who has collected for output just after output? You would only
>>> have to copy the script to everyone's computers and maybe connect it
>>> with an icon. The script can be in the directory together with the files
>>> or somewhere else. It only has to know the name of the directory then.
>>> Would you like me to help you making one? As far as I can see, it would
>>> only have to "chmod 655".
>>> The only drawback would be that the person who has worked on the project
>>> has to remember to call the script after work and collect...
>>> Regards
>>> Rolf
>>> Am 09.12.2013 16:35, schrieb ZASKE Martin:
>>>> Dear Rolf,
>>>> thank you very much for looking into it.
>>>> We have been happily using collecting-for-output for several years on
>>>> several versions. Our project is somewhat dynamic, so we have often
>>>> reason to move projects between computers, and we like it for
>>>> all-in-one-backup too.
>>>> We have so far understood its usefulness and its limitations. I like
>>>> it.
>>>> The compress does not claim to compress the entire folder; it just
>>>> nicely compresses the scribus-file within that folder. We like it that
>>>> way.
>>>> The only issue we are having now, is the workflow between different
>>>> users. I thank you for confirming that on your machine it also does
>>>> assign surprising file-rights for fonts and illustrations. This
>>>> tells me
>>>> that it is not just some hiccup on our office machine.
>>>> I guess I will after all pose this question to the developers, maybe
>>>> they know where to tweak it. Where would I get in touch with them? Is
>>>> filing a bug really the right thing to do; or should I not first ask it
>>>> somewhere as a question?
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Martin
>>>> On 09.12.2013 15:39, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> you are right. Just tested it, never used it before. The .sla keeps
>>>>> 655,
>>>>> but pictures and/or fonts get 600.
>>>>> Furthermore: Scribus itself sets its file pointer to this new
>>>>> directory.
>>>>> That is confusing. I would expect this to act like an export function.
>>>>> When I check "compress", I get a .gz file which is not unpackable by
>>>>> unzip, the pictures have disappeared from it. But it has 655. Fonts
>>>>> are
>>>>> not packed into it but delivered separately, they have 600.
>>>>> Another confusing thing is that the directory has to exist before, the
>>>>> function cannot make it.
>>>>> Anyway, this is a Suse 12.1 with Scribus 1.4.2, so it is reproduceable
>>>>> even on an older system, and to me it is kinda "not thought up to its
>>>>> end".
>>>>> If you use it this way, I would not use the compress option but
>>>>> include
>>>>> e. g. the fonts. And a script to change the files to 655 BEFORE
>>>>> they are
>>>>> handed on (because at that time, they still belong to the person who
>>>>> worked on them) should be the best workaround to cope with it.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Rolf
>>>>> Am 09.12.2013 13:45, schrieb ZASKE Martin:
>>>>>> Dear Peter and list,
>>>>>> The ownership for the Scribus-collected-for-output never changes:
>>>>>> Example:
>>>>>> My wife was the owner of the folder and she has just finished
>>>>>> layouting
>>>>>> the children's-page. Then she has somehow managed to tweak the
>>>>>> permissions (my temporary script) and now I got the rights to pull
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> entire folder to my home as a copy.
>>>>>> Now the entire folder and all its content is owned by me (user =
>>>>>> martin), since I created the copy.
>>>>>> Now I open the scribus document and I do the layout for the
>>>>>> agriculture-fertilizer-page. And when I am done I do
>>>>>> collecting-for-output.
>>>>>> I was the owner of each photo and of each font, when I started
>>>>>> working
>>>>>> with Scribus, but after the output, again the rights get turned to
>>>>>> "owner only, group and others get lost".
>>>>>> So now, before I can tell the next team member that I am done, and
>>>>>> he or
>>>>>> she can pull his/her copy, I need to tweak the rights again.
>>>>>> Otherwise
>>>>>> the next person would not even have the rights to pull a copy.
>>>>>> So ownership does not seem to be the problem either.
>>>>>> Thanks again and please keep the ideas coming. I am very hesitant to
>>>>>> file a bug, for something I need to understand first. I appreciate
>>>>>> those
>>>>>> developers and the last thing they need is to be bothered. I just
>>>>>> wonder
>>>>>> where I might find documentation about the collecting-for-output.
>>>>>> I learnt this morning that in dolphin I can display a column for the
>>>>>> "rights" of each file or folder. Very useful for my problem. All
>>>>>> morning
>>>>>> I have done layout of another page. And I was using LibreOffice and
>>>>>> Gimp
>>>>>> a lot. I can report that the outputs (save or export) of the other
>>>>>> programs produce a default right of "-rw-r--r--" as seems right
>>>>>> with my
>>>>>> umask (0022) that I quoted earlier today.
>>>>>>       So I hope this means that my OS is not entirely messed up. In
>>>>>> fact it
>>>>>> is a fresh installation of OpenSuse 12.3 as of last week. I still
>>>>>> hope
>>>>>> to update, but we are talking hundreds of MB and our African internet
>>>>>> has not even managed this morning to "refresh" the repositories, it
>>>>>> keeps stalling on timeouts.
>>>>>> At this stage I would hope there is some other user on this list,
>>>>>> also
>>>>>> using Scribus 1.4.2, preferably on OpenSuse, who would please do a
>>>>>> collecting-for-output and let us know what rights get assigned to the
>>>>>> Scribus files, and to the photos and to the fonts.
>>>>>>       I did not mess with my OS and my Scribus is also fresh and all
>>>>>> default
>>>>>> (just the entire OS and Scribus are running in French, which is
>>>>>> needed
>>>>>> for this country).
>>>>>> thanks
>>>>>> Martin
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