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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Dec 9 12:45:11 UTC 2013

Dear Peter and list,

The ownership for the Scribus-collected-for-output never changes:


My wife was the owner of the folder and she has just finished layouting
the children's-page. Then she has somehow managed to tweak the
permissions (my temporary script) and now I got the rights to pull the
entire folder to my home as a copy.

Now the entire folder and all its content is owned by me (user =
martin), since I created the copy.

Now I open the scribus document and I do the layout for the
agriculture-fertilizer-page. And when I am done I do collecting-for-output.

I was the owner of each photo and of each font, when I started working
with Scribus, but after the output, again the rights get turned to
"owner only, group and others get lost".

So now, before I can tell the next team member that I am done, and he or
she can pull his/her copy, I need to tweak the rights again. Otherwise
the next person would not even have the rights to pull a copy.

So ownership does not seem to be the problem either.

Thanks again and please keep the ideas coming. I am very hesitant to
file a bug, for something I need to understand first. I appreciate those
developers and the last thing they need is to be bothered. I just wonder
where I might find documentation about the collecting-for-output.

I learnt this morning that in dolphin I can display a column for the
"rights" of each file or folder. Very useful for my problem. All morning
I have done layout of another page. And I was using LibreOffice and Gimp
a lot. I can report that the outputs (save or export) of the other
programs produce a default right of "-rw-r--r--" as seems right with my
umask (0022) that I quoted earlier today.
	So I hope this means that my OS is not entirely messed up. In fact it
is a fresh installation of OpenSuse 12.3 as of last week. I still hope
to update, but we are talking hundreds of MB and our African internet
has not even managed this morning to "refresh" the repositories, it
keeps stalling on timeouts.

At this stage I would hope there is some other user on this list, also
using Scribus 1.4.2, preferably on OpenSuse, who would please do a
collecting-for-output and let us know what rights get assigned to the
Scribus files, and to the photos and to the fonts.
	I did not mess with my OS and my Scribus is also fresh and all default
(just the entire OS and Scribus are running in French, which is needed
for this country).



On 09.12.2013 13:19, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> But, all the other files (.png and .ttf) did receive
>> -rw-------
>> which is exactly the problem, why I opened this thread.
> What was the ownership of the original files and the ownership of the copies?
>> Peter, if you could help me further please, to localize, where exactly
>> those rights are assigned (almost against what my user-umask prescribes)
>> then I might be able to fix it - and get my whole team into a smooth
>> work-flow.
> I have no knowledge of what operations Scribus use to perform the
> "collect for output", my comment about the umask was just "basic linux
> knowledge", so you might need to get in contact with the devs (file a
> bug report). But first make sure all other issues have been sorted out
> so you can be sure it's a problem with Scribus.
> /Peter
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