[scribus] Scribus Frame Attributes

Ian "Witty"Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Thu Apr 18 10:03:05 UTC 2013

Hi All

I posted the question below a few days back and Dimitri Robert replied 
to say he was also interested in this.

However there has been no replies so far. Can anyone help us both out 
with this or point us in the right direction to find some help please??

On 15/04/13 14:00, Ian Whitfield wrote:
> While working to-day on my monthly publication that I produce with 
> Scribus it occurred to me that the ability to 'Lock' a style to a 
> Frame that I use a lot would be nice.
> I investigated a bit and came across the 'Attributes' option in the 
> Right-Click menu - however it is not very intuitive. Could this be 
> used for this function? And if so how?
> Thanks for any help
> IanW
> Pretoria RSA

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