[scribus] reading pub and idd files

Teodor-Toma Silvestru Muntean teodomas at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 15 23:42:32 UTC 2013

I have InDesign cs 4, is to old for this ? 
I don't know what files I need to create to be good for investigate, but I think somebody explain me this.
May be is important, my InDesign is on MacG4 PowerPC.

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Subject: [scribus] reading pub and idd files

dear scribuser,

today @ LGM, i've attended the libreoffice conference on file formats
reverse engineering. fridrich and valentin were proud of the fact that
scribus has started implementing the support for using their library to
import publisher files.

and now they want bug reports!

so if you have access to publisher files, please get the scribus trunk,
compile it, import your files, report bugs on what does not work as you
would expect!

if you want help out, please get in touch with me, so that we can find
out how the process should work.

if you can't compile the scribus trunk, we should be able to find a
solution: don't worry!

and there are good news for the future, too!

i've asked, what they would think about reverse engineering the
indesign file format.
and they didn't say no :-)

but they need one or more people preparing for them lot of test .idd
those files will have to introduce one element at a time (and be
accompanied by a description of what the file contains. as a text file:
fridrich and valentin won't be able to see the content of your file
before having reverse engineered it!).

it's a lot of work also for the person(s) preparing the file and it
- having a copy of indesign (if possible correctly licensed)
- being willed (and skilled) to do very systematic work

any volunteer?

greetings from madrid

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