[scribus] Rotate image within frame

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Thu Apr 4 06:15:18 UTC 2013

> I want the text to flow around a rectangular frame, but the image
> inside to be rotated by 15 degrees. If I rotate the frame then the
> text flow will be different.

The problem is that when rotating the image against its frame, it would 
be clipped. If that is not wished, you would have to "magnify" the image 
so the clipped edges remain invisible (like e. g. Darktable does it). 
Maybe this is way too advanced to integrate into a DTP program and the 
programmers thought it should remain a feature of specialised programs.

I would work with two frames, one that contains the image and is rotated 
by 15°. The other one (one step under it, if you prefer) could be 
changed in form to keep surrounding text on a specified distance. After 
making these two frames, you could combine them so they stay fixed.


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