[scribus] Upgrade of Windows' version

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Sep 17 15:07:48 UTC 2012

hi peter,
>> Linux user for a while, I can't answer the question: is it necessary
>> uninstall previous version before installing last version?
> I'd say "it depends".
> As been mentioned you can usually keep several versions installed in
> parallel, BUT, when you uninstall an old version of Scribus all file
> associations and such will unfortunately be removed.
> I made that mistake, I installed 1.3.5 as well as 1.3.3.x because I
> wanted to be able to use the stable version if things got messed up
> and I ran out of time.
> Later on, when I uninstalled 1.3.3.x all associations disappeared so I
> had to set them up again. I think I even went so far as to install
> 1.3.5 once again to clean up the mess from the uninstall.
> So, if you are not going to keep the old version I would personally
> uninstall it before installing the new version to avoid problems.

is there a bug report for this?


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