[scribus] Upgrade of Windows' version

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Sep 17 12:11:34 UTC 2012

> Linux user for a while, I can't answer the question: is it necessary
> uninstall previous version before installing last version?

I'd say "it depends".

As been mentioned you can usually keep several versions installed in
parallel, BUT, when you uninstall an old version of Scribus all file
associations and such will unfortunately be removed.

I made that mistake, I installed 1.3.5 as well as 1.3.3.x because I
wanted to be able to use the stable version if things got messed up
and I ran out of time.

Later on, when I uninstalled 1.3.3.x all associations disappeared so I
had to set them up again. I think I even went so far as to install
1.3.5 once again to clean up the mess from the uninstall.

So, if you are not going to keep the old version I would personally
uninstall it before installing the new version to avoid problems.


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