[scribus] Styles and Italic [now Character]

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Wed Sep 5 04:52:10 UTC 2012


Yes, your "confidence" is well placed: I use the properties palette 
quite often and I am frequently grateful for its excellent features and 

One remaining lack of understanding (at least), due to my newbie 
relationship with the power and features of styles, is how to make use 
of character styles _without_ the character style as part of the 
paragraph styles.

Perhaps I am missing some fundamental conceptualization - I'm sure that 
is likely - but I do not understand the specific utilizations of this 
feature. The Help file gives some detailed explanation about the 
hierarchy of this feature, but I lack any example of why one would use 
this. My imagination raises the potential of using a Character Style to 
adjust/alter one or more words or phrases or lines: Is this its main 


On 9/4/2012 8:01 AM, a.l.e wrote:
> hi barry,
>> It seems that, using the Story Editor, I can change single words to
>> italic in a style set for regular.
>> However, I want to know if that is the incorrect way to apply italic
>> to a single word or phrase using styles? Is there some 'gotcha'
>> somewhere?
>> Is it proper usage to apply a separate character style to a word in
>> the midst of a paragraph/character style set for regular, or is it
>> also appropriate to just use the font selection in Story Editor?
>> What's the best way for this issue?
> i'm confident, that in four years you will have discovered that in-frame
> editing is a cool feature and that the properties palette a wonderful
> tool...
> more seriously, if you're serious with using character styles and
> paragraph styles, if your text frames are not upside down (or otherwise
> rotated), if your text chains don't flow for dozens of pages, you should
> seriously consider to work in the frame.
> at some time in the future the story editor will be rewritten and it
> will have character styles... but for now it's hard to use if you're
> serious with text formatting...
> hth
> a.l.e
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