[scribus] How can we learn Scribus”.

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Thu Oct 18 11:18:27 UTC 2012

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 06:43:05 -0400
wena-parry at talktalk.net wrote:

> This thread had started under the thread
> "How can I get a double underline in Scribus." but progressed to this 
> subject, I have therefor taken the liberty to move it to this thread,
> a.l.e and Rolf we have now moved this thread a little further with
> both of your welcome comments. It makes me a little more comfortable
> to take part. I am glad that the subject of learning has come up –
> and participation is the key.
> Now, I had raised the topic of importing from (Open Office)ODT files. 
> May be my Welsh ness that made it harder to understand my fellow 
> contributors to this subject on the forum. However, ones I had solved 
> and understood why I couldn’t import. I wrote it out as a
> contribution to some one else to overcome the same problem. doesn't
> lead to a clear conclusion.
> A label on the tread name declaring, “Solved” would be useful.
> Another help would be to be able to be able to take for instant this 
> thread to a more appropriate one like, “How can we learn Scribus”.
> Forgive me for doing exactly that and making another thread with this 
> subject.

I think you will find you can't move threads. Threads are dependant on
a few headers, mainly Message-ID and In-Reply-To

Your message was
in reply to "mailman.2583.1350552089.25036.scribus at lists.scribus.net"

and you will probably find this message has the a similar

You really can only start a new thread by starting a new message.
Otherwise some email clients will get confused (not to mention the


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