[scribus] How can we learn Scribus”.

wena-parry at talktalk.net wena-parry at talktalk.net
Thu Oct 18 10:43:05 UTC 2012

This thread had started under the thread
"How can I get a double underline in Scribus." but progressed to this 
subject, I have therefor taken the liberty to move it to this thread,


a.l.e and Rolf we have now moved this thread a little further with both 
of your welcome comments. It makes me a little more comfortable to take 
part. I am glad that the subject of learning has come up – and 
participation is the key.

Now, I had raised the topic of importing from (Open Office)ODT files. 
May be my Welsh ness that made it harder to understand my fellow 
contributors to this subject on the forum. However, ones I had solved 
and understood why I couldn’t import. I wrote it out as a contribution 
to some one else to overcome the same problem. doesn't lead to a clear 

A label on the tread name declaring, “Solved” would be useful.
Another help would be to be able to be able to take for instant this 
thread to a more appropriate one like, “How can we learn Scribus”.

Forgive me for doing exactly that and making another thread with this 

Wena D Parry

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