[scribus] "Open Existing" dialog never displays anything

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Tue Oct 16 07:40:00 UTC 2012

> D. R. Evans said the following at 10/11/2012 01:07 PM :
>>> Hmm. This suggests some kind of problem that is not Scribus's
>>> fault, not
>>> that I know where the fault lies.
>> I agree... with both parts of the sentence.
>> Although if other programs behaved the same way I'd be a bit more
>> secure in my
>> belief that it's not Scribus.
> I found another program that has a dialog that behaves the same way
> (digikam).
> This is probably good :-)

Just looked up Digikam and it appears to use qt3.

I would still be looking at your qt config options. Did you try most
of them?


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