[scribus] Master Pages vs. Templates?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Oct 10 05:46:20 UTC 2012

hi barry

> I've been reading and re-reading the wiki and the book and I'm
> confused and I wonder if other new users are confused about this
> issue:
> The differences between a Template and a Master Page?
> I know it would be helpful for me if there was some reference that 
> explained the conceptual differences of these tools.
> I _thought_ a Master Page was something I could create and then apply
> to any new document, but it seems that new Master Pages are specific
> only to a particular document. Is this correct?
> Are there any resources that explain the conceptual differences
> between Templates and Master Pages and how they are used separately
> or together?

first step to the holy grail:

- with a template you can create a new document with predefined
  characteristics (it can contain text, images, styles, master
  pages, ...)

- with master pages you can add new pages with predefined
  background elements and guidelines.

another approach:

- using a template is the alternative to taking an old scribus file,
  copying it with a new name and starting your new work with it (think
  of a new issue for your magazine: you take an old issue, save it
  under a new name, delete most content and start your work)

- using master pages is the alternative to duplicating a page in your
  document to create a new page (you've created page 3 of your magazine
  with some fancy headings and you want them also on page 4: you
  duplicate the page 3, then edit the title to match the article you
  want to write in there).

just one warning: in scribus, templates are not as useful as with other
programs (like word processors)... in scribus you will mostly
prefer duplicating old files or importing selected resources (styles,
master pages) from old files.
all in all, in my eyes they are a better fit in a corporate
environment where you create brochures based on a standard layout than
in freelance work on a magazine or a leaflet...
the fact that templates are not used that often in scribus may make it
harder to understand the differences with master pages...

hope that helps

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