[scribus] Master Pages vs. Templates?

Christen Anderson christenanderson1994 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 05:44:41 UTC 2012


On 10/9/2012 11:36 PM, Barry McKenna wrote:
> Christen,
> w/Scribus v1.4.1, Winx64/sp1
> Thanks for the reply.
> I am able to use the Import Master Pages dialog and select the Master 
> Page I want. However, there is no way to retain the settings of the 
> Master Page selected:
> 1) The dialog does not offer a confirmation button to save the 
> selected Imported Master Page settings, so upon closing the dialog 
> with the only option - the x button on top right - the page reverts to 
> the previous settings.
> 2) With the Import Master Pages dialog still open and the Master Page 
> I want has changed the appearance of the current page, I can save the 
> page, but the Import Master Pages dialog is still open and must be 
> closed. When that dialog is closed, the page reverts to the previous 
> settings and all properties of the selected Master Page from the 
> Import Master Pages dialog are lost again.
> I can not discover any way to retain the properties form the Imported 
> Master Page for the current document.
> Barry

Running Scribus 1.4.1 on WinVista 32-bit...

When I use the import master page dialog, there is an "import" button 
next to the "Cancel" button. the import button is grayed out until I 
select a document from which the master page will be imported.

Do you see the import button? Is it grayed out, or simply not visible at 


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