[scribus] Creating multi- page magazine

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Oct 8 13:22:27 UTC 2012

On 10/8/12 3:02 PM, Ian "Witty" Whitfield wrote:
> On 10/07/2012 02:48 PM, wena-parry at talktalk.net wrote:
>>> Ciao
>>> It would be like haven to have the ability to import into Scribus 
>>> text with such which retain its formatting, such things as Italics, 
>>> Bold, Underlining and if possible Subscript and Superscript and 
>>> Indenting. Preferably from OpenOffice.
>>> I have a big 200 + book coming from Canada with all this formats in 
>>> it. I can foresee me making a some mistakes and having to send my 
>>> work to the client in PDF and then editing in Scribus, able days to 
>>> do so.
>>> The to be able to import to do final edit in OpenOffice.
>> The way to do this is to refrain from doing any text editing in 
>> Scribus. Make your various styles, etc., in LibreOffice (or 
>> OpenOffice), and they should be successfully imported with the text. 
>> When you proofread and find errors, go back to the ODT file and edit 
>> in LO/OO, then import again. Of course with 200 pages, you will want 
>> to break this up anyway, but certainly re-importing a huge ODT file 
>> would be a task which might rightfully provoke anxiety for the layout.
>> Having said this, you may still need to tweak styles. I don't think 
>> that LO/OO can match the precision of font size, for example (at 
>> least it won't show any value smaller than tenths of a point). For 
>> the layout of a book, there probably will be some places where a line 
>> or some words might need some very subtle adjustments to fit or for 
>> aesthetic reasons.
>> Greg
> A *BIG +1* from me on this subject!!!!
> But a couple of points ....
>  * But why can't the 'Edit Text' option, (after right-clicking a text
>    frame), be made to work like the 'Edit Image' option for a Image
>    Frame? (With the same way of setting the program you want to use for
>    this).
>  * The above would also get round the missing Spell Checker in Scribus
>    at the moment which is a major problem IMHO!!!
>  * Last of all, (and I have brought this up before and don't accept the
>    reasons for not doing it). Why can't we have an _OPTION_, (note I
>    say _OPTION_ so you don't HAVE to use it!!), to anchor a graphic to
>    its text!!!??? To me this is another major missing feature. Every
>    time you edit or add some text you have to go through the WHOLE file
>    after that point and re-align the pics. Do that a few times with a
>    200 page document and it drives you mad!!

why can't you have all this?

because somebody has to program it!

and before that, somebody has to specify how (EXACTLY!) it should work...

a/ personally, i think that we will get a way to synchronize a text box 
with it's source (under certain circumstances) somehow soon (i would say 
in the next year?)
most of the pieces for building it are there...

b/ the same holds for anchoring pictures (and other frames) to text... 
most of the code for it has been programmed. once the footnotes are in 
the main code, i believe that somebody will add it.
same estimation: it should happen in the next year...

and if you want to help it happen, go here http://www.scribus-ece.info/ 
and click generously on the flattr button :-)
(the direct link being 

... or sit down for a couple of days and work on some specifications for 
those two features...


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