[scribus] Creating multi- page magazine

gpittman at iglou.com gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Oct 3 14:35:09 UTC 2012

On Wed, October 3, 2012 09:14, Erich Dollansky wrote:
> Hi Wena,
> On Wed, 03 Oct 2012 07:06:56 -0400
> wena-parry at talktalk.net wrote:
>> Erich.
>> I haven’t heard of "gedit" or "kate",
> so, you are not using something like Linux or even Unix then?
>> I am assuming that they are some sort of word processors.
>> So can they import from MS word and do they format e.g. Italics,
>> bold, underline, that comes through into Scribus 1.4.1?
> No, they are plain ASCII editors but offer spell checking. I would not
> recommend to use a real word processor.
>> To return to the thread I have found the usefulness of the frames and
>> if we think in terms of layers the become even more useful. Having all my
>> pages with text frames and find I need a graphic I can move the text
>> aside and place a graphic there and if a need a peace of text on the
>> graphic I can open a small text frame there.
> Yes, this is the basic concept. Things can be done you cannot do with a
> word processor.
Here are some clarifications:

Scribus can import Word documents, but formatting will be lost. If the
feature is important, you can obtain LibreOffice (it's free), and at the
least import a Word document, then save in ODT format, in which case
Scribus can import the styles. Since this might require tweaking, you
might prefer to start out in LibreOffice. Other than that, one can use
Wordpad and save as a plain text file, and import that to Scribus.

If you are doing all of the content production yourself, then you can be
flexible, but if you are getting content from others, you will likely want
to dictate what format(s) are acceptable, and many would prefer simple
text so that all of the styles in Scribus can be created there and be


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