[scribus] Creating multi- page magazine

Erich Dollansky erich.lists at ovitrap.com
Wed Oct 3 13:14:33 UTC 2012

Hi Wena,

On Wed, 03 Oct 2012 07:06:56 -0400
wena-parry at talktalk.net wrote:

> Erich.
> I haven’t heard of "gedit" or "kate",

so, you are not using something like Linux or even Unix then?

> I am assuming that they are some sort of word processors.
> So can they import from MS word and do they format e.g. Italics,
> bold, underline, that comes through into Scribus 1.4.1?

No, they are plain ASCII editors but offer spell checking. I would not
recommend to use a real word processor.
> To return to the thread I have found the usefulness of the frames and 
> if we think in terms of layers the become even more useful. Having
> all my pages with text frames and find I need a graphic I can move
> the text aside and place a graphic there and if a need a peace of
> text on the graphic I can open a small text frame there.
Yes, this is the basic concept. Things can be done you cannot do with a
word processor.

> Wena D. Parry
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