[scribus] copy of style

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Nov 30 09:40:48 UTC 2012

hi andreas,
> I use the newest (AFAIK) version which came with the newest Kubuntu 12.10.
> The splash screen at startup says '1.4.0' and when I click on 'Help -> About
> Scribus' it says '1.4.1.svn - 6 February 2012'. This version still has the
> described 'copy'-problem.

the latest released version is 1.4.1, dated april 30, 2012.

you can add it by using the scribus own repository:

on the other side, 12.10 should really have the released 1.4.1... it 
could be a good idea to write a bug report on ubuntu's own tracker and 
ask for it...

and, back to the copy of style: personally, i've not seen for some time 
(but i'm using the current svn versions which may have more fixes than 
the released one) and i've not heard of other people being affected by 
it... but they may have stopped reporting it... no idea.

does anybody with 1.4.1 (released version! not an svn snapshot) still 
see the problem?


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