[scribus] active links while editing a scribus document

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 26 14:45:06 UTC 2012


yesterday, franz has done a change to the preview mode that, in my eyes, 
should first be discussed by the scribus users.

r17909 by fschmid - First committ to make the "Preview Mode" look more 
like in other Applications

First committ to make the "Preview Mode" look more like in other Applications
- No more editing possible.
- PDF Links linking to the same document are working now when activated.


on the one side it is certainly useful to have a way to test the pdf 
forms in scribus, but -- on the other side -- i'm not sure that 
disabling the editing in preview mode is a change that will please 

some issues i'm aware of:

- switching the preview mode on and off can be very slow (so people may 
want to stay in preview mode while doing visual tweaks).

- the canvas can be very cluttered, and one may want to switch to the 
preview mode to do further changes without being disturbed by guides, 
invisible frame borders & co.

- we already have other links that work in the edit mode (footnotes) and 
will have more of them in the future (TOC, references, ...): shouldn't 
pdf links work just like the other references?

i would be interested in hearing what the scribus users think: do you 
need the editing capabilities while being in preview mode?

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