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Ralf-Diether Ebel ralf at ebels.se
Sat Nov 24 10:11:31 UTC 2012

Hello Adrian,
I have had the same problem to resize a calendar with a careful
layout, and this in short time.
My solution was really to resize the final pdf. The tool which did it
for me was jpdftweak. http://jpdftweak.sourceforge.net/
Under pagesize you can scale the pdf.
I think its worth a try.

> On 11/21/2012 06:19 PM, Adrienne Carmack wrote:
>> I have a book that was completely laid out for e-publication with multiple
>> photos and text autoflowing from one page to the next, and I didn't pay
>> much attention to the actual page size when I set it up.
>> Now I want to publish it as a paperback via Amazon's CreateSpace but the
>> size it is currently is not a size that can be done through most
>> distribution centers. It says in Scribus that it's 8.5 x 11, though
>> CreateSpace is saying it's something slightly different like 8.4 x 11.62 or
>> something similar. My ideal would be 6x9, but I'm happy with anything I can
>> get it published as without having to reformat the entire thing.
>> Is there a way to just resize the entire document that will automatically
>> fit the existing content onto the new pages?
> The short answer is no, but it's a qualified no.
> It's certainly easy enough to resize document pages with File > Document
> Setup > Document, but this will only resize the pages, not content. If
> you select all the objects on a page, group, then adjust size and
> position, it might work after a fashion.
> There are methods with which you might convert to a PostScript file,
> resize, then back to PDF, but these are a bit advanced and don't involve
> Scribus. Even so, you would have to consider whether simply shrinking
> all content is desirable.
> You could also import PDF pages to Scribus, one by one, and resize them
> to whatever you desire, but you may lose some quality in your fonts and
> images. It might be worth a try to see if it's acceptable.
> In what we might call the "advanced advanced" category, it would
> probably be possible to resize document pages, then run a script that
> you would have to create yourself to resize and reposition the content.
> I can't recall anyone ever having devised one and posting it on the
> wiki. It might involve automating the process of selecting all >
> grouping > resizing the group.
> Greg
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