[scribus] resize entire book

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Nov 22 17:42:56 UTC 2012

On 11/21/2012 06:19 PM, Adrienne Carmack wrote:
> I have a book that was completely laid out for e-publication with multiple
> photos and text autoflowing from one page to the next, and I didn't pay
> much attention to the actual page size when I set it up.
> Now I want to publish it as a paperback via Amazon's CreateSpace but the
> size it is currently is not a size that can be done through most
> distribution centers. It says in Scribus that it's 8.5 x 11, though
> CreateSpace is saying it's something slightly different like 8.4 x 11.62 or
> something similar. My ideal would be 6x9, but I'm happy with anything I can
> get it published as without having to reformat the entire thing.
> Is there a way to just resize the entire document that will automatically
> fit the existing content onto the new pages?
The short answer is no, but it's a qualified no.

It's certainly easy enough to resize document pages with File > Document
Setup > Document, but this will only resize the pages, not content. If
you select all the objects on a page, group, then adjust size and
position, it might work after a fashion.

There are methods with which you might convert to a PostScript file,
resize, then back to PDF, but these are a bit advanced and don't involve
Scribus. Even so, you would have to consider whether simply shrinking
all content is desirable.

You could also import PDF pages to Scribus, one by one, and resize them
to whatever you desire, but you may lose some quality in your fonts and
images. It might be worth a try to see if it's acceptable.

In what we might call the "advanced advanced" category, it would
probably be possible to resize document pages, then run a script that
you would have to create yourself to resize and reposition the content.
I can't recall anyone ever having devised one and posting it on the
wiki. It might involve automating the process of selecting all >
grouping > resizing the group.


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