[scribus] copy of style

Török Árpád torar at freemail.hu
Sat Nov 24 08:11:39 UTC 2012

I am sorry if the subject has already been discussed, but I use Scribus 
occasionally only, so I am reading the forum likewise.

I am working on a book (X-mas present to my father) and met a strange 
behaviour of Scribus. The paragraph styles are multiplying during work.
What I mean with this?

I had prepared my paragraph styles, before I started copy-pasting the 
text. I am working chapter-by-chapter. First I paste-copy the text to a 
text box. Then in editor window I apply the necessary styles. After the 
first copy-styling the second time I saw that my used paragraph styles 
had been multiplied. Any time I used them, as much copy was prepared. It 
does not matter, that I deleted the extra paragraph style copies, the 
next time they were there again, plus some more.

Listed among the styles somehow like this:

Parastyle A
Copy of Parastyle A (1)
Copy of Parastyle A (2)
Parastyle B
Copy of Parastyle B (1)
Copy of Parastyle B (2)


At the moment I can not give you screenshots, as I am working with 
Scribus from a USB drive system - on my desktop I can use Scribus 1.3.9 

The system I use:
Drive: 60 GB with "/", swap and "/home" partitions, etx4 (except swap).
Linux Mint 13 LMDE and Scribus 1.4.0 Hungarian.

I do not know, whether it is for a bug, incorrect settings, or something 

Árpád Török

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