[scribus] Build Version Ascertainable?

John L. Poole jlpoole56 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 01:00:00 UTC 2012

Hi Owen,

Unfortunately, in Gentoo when following the Head version, svn is updated 
at each "emerge" attempt.  Also, the build tree is temporary, and if 
successful, erased leaving only the compiled binaries and files to be 
staged for the production use. Consequently, when I last successfully 
built Scribus, e.g. 9/10/12, I only have a date and time stamp.  When I 
subsequently attempt to update and build off of the Head as of today, 
the staging area is updated to current.  I thus only have the date time 
build of the binaries to determine what version it may be based on.  
I've done that and if there is not a lot of activity, for example an 
update every few days, then I can probably hit the precise version by 
looking at a time line.

Seems to me having a Subversion keyword $Id$ incorporated into the code 
that populates a variables that, in turn, would be displayed on the 
"About" window could be helpful and allow a use to determine exactly 
what version they are running off of.

I may take your suggestion (and mine using $Id$) and build a macro that 
automatically creates what I'm suggesting.  I'm just not a C++ 
programmer and would be wearing my hacking hat.


On 11/11/2012 2:27 PM, Owen wrote:
>> On 11/11/2012 04:41 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
>>> hi john,
>>>> I've been building Scribus from the high watermark of SVN (1.5) and
>>>> need to determine what version my currently running edition is
>>>> from.
>>>> Using Help-About does not provide me the Subversion version and
>>>> gives
>>>> me a date of "1 August 2012" when my system notes I built it
>>>> 18:33:17
>>>> 09/10/12 PDT.
>>>> Is the Subversion version which Scribus is built from ascertainable
>>>> from a running instance?  If not, is there a file is the staged
>>>> tree
>>>> that might reflect it?  I built Scribus using Gentoo's portage
>>>> facility which basically pulls whatever is HEAD at the time I
>>>> update.  In this case, I think I last successfully built on
>>>> 18:33:17
>>>> 09/10/12 PDT.  I'm going to go look at the Subversion repository (I
>>>> hope there is a websvn (http://websvn.tigris.org/) interface) and
>>>> determine what version was HEAD around that time.
>>>> It seems to me having a Subversion version and date included in the
>>>> About box might be helpful.
>>> this has been discussed a few times already, but (afaik) nobody
>>> brought
>>> a usable solution.
>>> another useful feature, would be to add the git branch, for the ones
>>> who compile from gif.
>> if you run 'svn info', you can get something like this:
>> Path: .
>> Working Copy Root Path: /home/gregp/development/scribus140
>> URL: svn://scribus.net/branches/Version14x/Scribus
>> Repository Root: svn://scribus.net
>> Repository UUID: 11d20701-8431-0410-a711-e3c959e3b870
>> Revision: 17869
>> Node Kind: directory
>> Schedule: normal
>> Last Changed Author: jghali
>> Last Changed Rev: 17867
>> Last Changed Date: 2012-11-10 09:50:34 -0500 (Sat, 10 Nov 2012)
>> so if someone is using svn, this might be the quickest way.
> Again if you are using svn, having extracted the information fron 'svn
> info,' go to (at the moment)line 119 of about.cpp and amend that and
> the preceding 2 lines;
>          QString BUILD_DAY = "11";
>          QString BUILD_MONTH = CommonStrings::november;
>          QString BUILD_YEAR = "2012";
> and line 122
>          QString BUILD_NAME = "17867";
> That will take all of about 30 seconds, and give you this;
> http://members.pcug.org.au/~rcook/images/aboutScribus.png

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