[scribus] printing landscape

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Nov 1 12:19:31 UTC 2012


> Here are some observations about printing landscape orientation
> directly from Scribus.
> If you have a page oriented in a landscape fashion in Scribus, when
> you print in a normal (i.e., portrait) manner, it will print in a
> landscape way. In other words, the right hand side of the page as
> displayed comes out the printer first. If you set for a landscape
> mode of printing, it comes out the printer as a portrait printing,
> i.e., the top of your landscape-oriented page comes out the printer
> first. This seems to be true for whatever OS you are using.
> On Fedora, for the most part I have to use an alternative printer 
> command (I use lpr), and in this case you see a similar phenomenon, 
> using either the default option (equivalent to '-o portrait'), or use 
> '-o landscape'. A landscape-oriented page comes out in a landscape
> way (right side of the page first) if you use '-o portrait', but a 
> portrait-oriented page requires you to specify '-o landscape' for the 
> page to come out in a landscape way (right side of the page first).
> So although it's quirky, it is possible to control the printing 
> orientation. You just have to experiment.
> Greg
> Addendum - more weirdness
> If you have a page already in a portrait orientation, and you go to
> File 
>  > Document Setup and switch to landscape, this will only apply to
>  > new   
> pages you create, and does not affect the existing page(s).
> So I just now started with a one-page document in portrait
> orientation, switched to landscape in Document Settings, then added a
> page. Then I printed the entire document with 'lpr -o landscape' from
> Scribus. The first page came out right side of the page first, the
> second page came out bottom side first!

as is, i fear that this interesting work of yours will be lost in the ML

i've openened a "project" on landscape in a platform that i plan to
open sometimes in the future (ASAP... but, well, first it must be
stable and have some more things defined).

i will record in there future comments on this topics...

and i really hope that at some we can define in a reliable way what has
to be changed in scribus and what a user has to do in order to be able
to print to landscape.

thanks for your contribution!

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