[scribus] PDF Colour separations

Flem flemblog at free.fr
Wed May 23 17:18:30 UTC 2012

Hello Frank,

Le 23/05/2012 02:56, Frank Cox a écrit :
> To this point, I have been creating plates by printing to a colour-separated ps
> file, then doing an imposition from that into four pdf files (one for each
> colour) then printing each pdf file to the appropriate series of plates.
> Unfortunately, ghostscript blows up once in a while using that output due to, I
> think, poor quality fonts being used in the original document.
> (10,000 Fonts for $1.49!)  Unfortunately, I can't persuade the folks who create
> this thing to stick to using good quality fonts (I've tried several times) so
> I'm stuck with the consequences. [...]

 From the time now, there is no way in Scribus to directly 
generate a colour-separated PDF file.

I don't get how you print your plates? Do you have to go 
wiyh a PDF file or can't you directly print the plate with 
the ps file?

What kind of RIP are you using?

Apart from that, have you tried to outline all these poor 
fonts? Maybe GhostScript wouldn't blow up then?


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