[scribus] importing odt text files

Helio S. Ferreira heliojsf at gmail.com
Sun May 20 14:23:04 UTC 2012

At story editor, make a selection of text and choose the style on the top bar.

2012/5/19 Alison Saylor <alison.saylor at gmail.com>:
> Hello All!  Apologies if this question is answered in the wiki.  I've
> looked there and in the manual which I bought and am having trouble
> finding what I need.  I've been using Scribus for years now to do a
> bi-monthly newsletter.  So first of all, to the creators and all the
> other people who've answered my questions in the past - thank you!  I
> am currently using 1.3.9.  I need to import a lot of text files.  They
> get sent to me in Word generally, and I convert them to OpenOffice.
> Once they are in the edit text window, I manually click on each box on
> the left hand side and choose 'standard' or 'no style' because they
> all come with differing styles once converted.  Is there a way to do
> this all at once?  It's pretty time consuming this way so I'm sure
> there's another way.  Thank you in advance for any assistance with
> this problem.
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