[scribus] pdf formatting problems

Ray Schmidt h.ray.schmidt at gmail.com
Mon May 14 02:40:10 UTC 2012

I am new to Scribus but have tried doing some searching and have not found
any information regarding my problem.

My issue is that when I create a pdf text field and then export it to a pdf
document the text in the text field is either cut off on the top or the
bottom and I can't find any way of aligning it properly short of trial and
error and continually changing, saving, and checking it.

In Scribus, if I type some text in the text field, it shows up as aligned
along the top of the pdf text field frame.  Yet, when viewed in a pdf
viewer (Foxit Reader) the text seems to be aligned along the bottom and is
actually partially cut off.  I can mitigate that by increasing the size of
the text field to something much larger than the text requires but then it
makes it hard to select fields in the pdf document when they are close
together as the cursor is much larger than the font itself.

Is there some sort of padding that is automatically added to pdf text
fields?  Am I missing some formatting setting somewhere that would resolve
this issue?

I have tried viewing the pdf in both Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader.  In
Foxit the text is cut off on the bottom while in Adobe it seems to be
similarly padded except it is cut off on the top instead of the bottom so
it does not seem to be isolated to a single pdf reader.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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