[scribus] Linking and unlinking text frames

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Fri May 4 08:25:16 UTC 2012

Le 04/05/2012 03:27, Bruce McIntyre a écrit :
> I could use some improvements here:
> 1) The properties box should say somewhere which page the previous text frame is on and which page the next text frame
> is on.
> 2) We should be able to break a link without having to scroll around and find the next text frame in the chain.
> 3) The properties box should have buttons to transport to the next or previous text box in a chain.
> 4) The lines from one text box to another, when all of your text boxes cover the entire width of the page or are
> otherwise vertically adjacent, are pretty much useless, overlapping one another completely. Better would be a tag near
> the upper left and lower right handles that send you to the previous/next text box in the chain, selecting the frame and
> placing you on the new page.

Linking text frames could sure benefit from improvement in the area you mention.
Scribus 1.5 features allready some nice improvements regarding linked text frames
but not on these topics.

Other than  using the properties box, these properties or actions could be available
through the little box that appear on the bottom right corner of the frame,
or on the begining or end of the arrow.


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