[scribus] External manipulation of a Scribus template

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jun 22 13:03:27 UTC 2012

ma allora ditelo...
> On 22/06/2012 14:47, Aleksander Kujbida wrote:
>> Questo è molto interessante. I looked at reportlab, but don't see 
>> exactly
>> how they know what to do with a Scribus document; infatti, I think they
>> don't, and you had to make up your own translation rules. Am I right?
>> Regards,
>> Aleksander
> yes i do
> the script convert tables and single cells with text or with image 
> inside , background color, borders color and some other stuff. ( no 
> embedded fonts , no compression )
> there is a cli but it is trivial and not well tested.
> time and economic reasons stop development to the things needed by our 
> software.

personally, i would not go the way francesco went.

while it's an interesting way, but it's also a very adventourous one...

everytime something changes in the scribus format you will be screwed... 
and big changes are underway!

really, if you want to automatically create PDFs based on some content 
on the web, you probably don't want to use scribus.

next year, the situation could be very different than how it is now (new 
scripter, maybe even scribus running headless!), but today... well, i 
would have a look at some php or python pdf classes!
you may not get the same quality of PDFs, but it will be much easier for 
you to manage.
(the harder part will be to create the templates... but with fpdi, which 
i've used intensively, it's not that hard to use other PDFs as background!)

buon pomeriggio!

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