[scribus] External manipulation of a Scribus template

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jun 22 07:15:20 UTC 2012

> <<
> Ideally, they would enter the text for named portions of the document
> in a web interface (they do know how to surf), and we would have a
> backend that stuffs these into the correct slots in a template. But I
> do not see anything on this in the documentation.
> >>
> depends on your needs, but most I've come across like this still 
> needed an editor to make the document "presentable".
> In that respect it would not be too much more effort for the editor to 
> "Get Text" from the contributors having emailed text or odt files 
> (especially if they were named according to the named portion)?
> If you do have a lot of "named portions" then yes presumably it could 
> be scripted relatively easily, like an expanded mail merge process. 
> But obviously you would need to have some "rules" by which the 
> contributors and scripts can live by.

despite everybody telling him that he should do it manually -- and 
probably creating the content before working with scribus -- what he 
wants to do is probably fine and doable with scribus and some python 

and i'm pretty sure that this something people will want to do more and 

personally, i'm currently focused on usability and productivity with 
scribus 1.5svn... and it's coming along very well... but once this is 
done, i'd really like to work a bit on getting scribus to work with some 
external interfaces (as an example a web application, like  he is asking!)

there are some solution that are currently more mature for such a task 
(xml to pdf, latex, ...), but scribus should imo become a tool that 
supports distributed workflows

have fun

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