[scribus] External manipulation of a Scribus template

ale rimoldi a.l.e at xox.ch
Thu Jun 21 18:25:55 UTC 2012

hi aleksander,

> Thanks, a.l.e, it's a possible solution. It does require putting
> Scribus on everyone's desktop, though.

no, my answer was about pulling the content from a webinterface.

you have one person doing the layout on scribus and pulling the content
from a web interface by running a script.

what the script exactly does, depends much on your requirements.

and if it's possible to meet your needs with a script also depends on
the details of the project.

> We are quite happy to pay for services, and for some of our
> requirements, prefer to do so than go through a painful learning
> curve. We need now only to determine what we can achieve, and what
> constraints are applicable to our objectives.

basically, doable:

- as long as you don't want scribus to run by itself but you have a
  person controling the process
  (well, you could probably have a script running forever on a computer
  and doing the job... and it's also possible that a solution without
  GUI can be found... but don't count on it)

- as long as you don't have too many local character formatting to deal

- as long as the text is well structured.

and yes, depending on your needs alternatives like latex may be easier
to use...


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