[scribus] Horizontally center an image frame on a "fold" or "page"

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jun 21 12:06:32 UTC 2012


> > - activate snapping to guidelines
> > - add a rectangle going from one guideline to the the other
> > - use window > align and distribute to center the image in relation
> > to the shape
> > - remove the shape
> I was just going to suggest the same approach, but I would probably
> leave the shape in place (and have one shape for each "pane"). It can
> be of use for more things and an empty shape won't end up in the PDF
> anyway, will it?

its border are per default visible...

if you create the shape with shift-click, it costs you nothing to redo
it :-)


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