[scribus] Improving how text styles are applied (Was: a new ebook)

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jun 18 20:51:37 UTC 2012

hi johan,

> >> A better / more flexible way to design, edit and apply text styles.
> >
> > yep, here we need somebody spending some time for a good
> > specification.
> >
> > there are lot of ideas on how to do it better. but we need somebody
> > taking on him/herself the leading task in the specification work.
> >
> > however, here is my idea:
> Sounds like a decent approach.
> What I find frustrating is that the work has been done before. Several
> times. It is not possible to rip the implementation out of e.g.,
> LibreOffice, but having (more or less) the same specs and ui could be
> beneficial.

no, we can't rip them from other projects. the implementation details
are too different.

but we can -- and we do -- get inspiration from the way other project
do the same task and we try -- as much as possible -- to be compatible
with the way other free software are doing it (or even to the way not
free software does it).

but it's not always possible to do so, because each program covers a
different type of use and the solutions can be translated 1:1.

for this specific case, the styles, i the list of styles in libre
office and i think that we should do it in a very similar way.

but i don't like their editor: way too many tabs. too hard to find what 
ou're looking for!

based on your previous mail, i've written a proposal... i will send it
soon to this list.

have a nice evening

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