[scribus] a new ebook

wena-parry at talktalk.net wena-parry at talktalk.net
Mon Jun 11 17:29:31 UTC 2012

> I am not sure why you would want to create the e book format directly 
from Scribus.

Let me answer this question why I would want to produce an e book, It 
has already been partly answered.
“It's called single source methodology :) Typeset once, read 

But back in 1980’s I had written some WELSH books. While each of them 
was more that 200 pages with references and index but there price was 
£2.99 and £3.99. Both of them have interesting graphics that help to 
tell the story. Sales of Welsh books are not great, if they sell more 
then 500 copies they have done well. Now  by re scanning them 30 years 
later it might give the subject a new lease of life. Plus copies are 
getting scarce.

Then to put them on my web pages for download.

As I have produced a number of A5 books with Scribus then I already 
have a tested template and experience.

Thank you Alexandre Prokoudine, Murray, Peter for airing the subject.


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