[scribus] Sub and superscript issues with SE from OO 3.4 Win - add'l folllow-up

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Tue Jul 31 02:24:02 UTC 2012

While I had only selected about 12 super/subscript characters in the SE 
(individually) and clicked (off) and then clicked (on, again), when I 
saved the .sla and re-exported the pdf 1.4/5, I was surprised to see 
that most (?all - I'm not totally sure) of the super/subscript 
characters on pages much later in the document from what I edited had 
been exported this time properly in the pdf.

Perhaps this might indicate that just making one or a few changes in the 
SE makes them all? convert properly? I don't know, but I needed to post 

Barry McKenna

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