[scribus] Sub and superscript issues with SE from OO 3.4 Win

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Tue Jul 31 02:13:30 UTC 2012

w/Winx64/sp1, OpenOffice 3.4, Scribus 1.4.1

I haven't been using Scribus for a while, instead focusing on research 
and writing using OO (now Win/3.4).

However, I wish to extend my gratitude for the continued improvements 
and evolution of this software which, from my perspective, is extremely 
important in terms of our social and technological needs and evolution.

I recently installed Scribus for Windows, 1.4.1, and today imported a 
60+ page (A5) document (text only, no assigned or altered styles), and 
left the style import defaults as is.

My doc has a number of super/subscripts, and those were set in OO 3.4.

After my first export to pdf (default v4?), I noticed that the 
super/subscripts had reverted to regular characters - I hadn't paid 
attention to this in the .sla view or the Story Editor.

Reopening the story editor, I found that the super/subscripts were 
showing as normal characters in the Story Editor. However, when 
selecting them in the Story Editor, the respective super/subscript 
buttons changed to depressed mode, i.e., universal recognition as "on." 
However, they showed as normal chars in the Story Editor until I clicked 
the Story Editor super/subscript buttons on and off after selecting the 
respective characters, and then they changed as required/expected in the 
Story Editor.

Yet, leaving Scribus open and the Story Editor open, when I went to 
search Mantus for any recent reference to this issue (and found none), 
when task switched the window back to Scribus/Story Editor, the font in 
the Story Editor changed (visual) size, reverted it cursor to the 
beginning of the document, and when re-scrolled the Story Editor back to 
the pages where there were super/subscripts they had reverted visually 
to regular characters.

For testing purposes I clicked the SE's Update Text and Exit button 
without making any changes to see if the .sla's content would revert to 
normal characters: They stayed as super/subscripts, even though they had 
reverted visually to normal characters in the SE, but upon selecting 
them in the SE, the respective super/sub buttons became depressed.

I also found that whether the cursor was clicked into the SE or not, 
upon clicking back to the main window with the SE still open, the SE's 
cursor would, withing a few seconds, revert to the topmost character's 
position (this is a major annoyance for me or potentially anyone working 
with docs with many pages).

Since I was unable to find anything recent in Mantis referring to this 
issue, I thought I would post here _first_ to see if this is primarily 
some known issue when importing super/subscripts from OO 3.4 or Winx64 
or whatever.

One suggestion occurs to me: would it be possible or reasonable to put 
the super/subscript character controls also in the Properties Dialog on 
the Text page?

Please let me know if there is anything I've described here that needs 
to go to Mantis.

Barry McKenna

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