[scribus] Scribus crashes once again, but this time Signal #7

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jul 23 06:23:49 UTC 2012

hi john,

> Error sent to somewhere (Ubuntu?) says if crashed due to an Ubuntu
> 12.04 Internal error "scribus crashed with signal #7 in
> FT_Get_Kerning()"
> Thankfully, if I can get this issue out by morning, I will not have
> another to layout for 3 more months.  Maybe by then these Scribus
> 1.4.1 vs Ubuntu 12.04 errors will be resolved.  The next time it
> crashes, however, I am going to revert to 1.4.0.  Was using Ubuntu
> 12.04 with that and it ran fine last issue.  While whatever function
> that kerning thing is interfacing with the OS could have been updated
> since May of this year, I'm willing to see if 1.4.0 runs any better.
> Love Scribus, but wow, it can be frustrating to get so close and loose
> control of the program and the data file.

please report this issue to the bug tracker... and, if you can, attach
the broken file.

i don't think that it's an ubuntu issue but, without a backtrace, it's
very hard to say for me.

all in all, i don't think that going back to 1.4.0 will make it any
better, but: who knows?


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